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Industry NewsWATCH: Loblaw helps food waste diversion program launch in B.C.

WATCH: Loblaw helps food waste diversion program launch in B.C.


FoodRescue is launching operations in B.C. The online platform diverts restaurant and grocery food store waste from landfill to food banks and other charities.

The expansion into B.C. was enabled by a $415,000 donation from Loblaw, reports Global News.

Founded by food charity Second Harvest, FoodRescue first launched in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) last October, and has diverted more than 225,000 kilograms of food from the trash since then.

The platform connects food-producing businesses that have waste food to registered social service organizations. Text or email alerts are sent to let them know what kinds of donations are available.

Second Harvest CEO Lori Nikkel said the initiative will also help Canada meet its environmental goals. claims that its work has so far prevented the emission of more than a million kilograms of greenhouse gasses.

View the Global News video report here.


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