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Industry NewsWATCH: Walmart launches on the spot checkout

WATCH: Walmart launches on the spot checkout


Walmart has announced that it will start equipping store staff with mobile devices to check out customers from the floor. The mobile checkouts will be launched in more than 350 stores in the U.S., specifically in the “Lawn & Garden Centers,” where the need for such a service is greatest.

Watch a video about the new mobile checkout service here

While Walmart may be setting a trend with its mobile checkouts, the company has retreated from its ambitious plans to roll out scan and go capabilities at its US stores – enabling shoppers to scan items while they shop and then pay via a phone app or a store-provided mobile device. After launching scan and go last August in around 120 US locations, the company recently halted the program. Walmart didn’t get into details about why it changed its mind, but other scan and go pilots have run into technical problems and a fair bit of shopper reluctance – both because it seems like too much work and because customers still feel uneasy about leaving a store without having had their items checked out by an employee.

Despite the decision to halt scan and go in the US,  Walmart Canada has yet to make a decision about the scan and go tests it has been running in 20 stores here since last October.


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