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Industry NewsInflation and rising food prices: Breakfast Club of Canada sounds the alarm

Inflation and rising food prices: Breakfast Club of Canada sounds the alarm


Amid decade-high inflation, Breakfast Club of Canada is launching a back-to-school fundraising campaign to continue supporting school nutrition programs.

The club and its partners currently help to reach more than 580,000 children each morning in over 3,500 school nutrition programs. There are also a couple of hundred schools on the club’s waitlist for such a program and the list continues to grow.

Due to an increase in operating costs related to the pandemic, the expansion of the scope of programs and rising food costs, the organization reports that it will struggle to maintain support for existing breakfast programs during the upcoming school year. 

“We are currently experiencing a perfect storm of obstacles that is having a substantial impact on our operations and our ability to support programs,” explains Tommy Kulczyk, president and CEO of Breakfast Club of Canada. 

According to revenue projections, to maintain its support for school nutrition programs already backed in part by the Club, the organization anticipates a significant financial shortfall for the 2022-2023 school year. At this time, no new additional breakfast programs can be supported by the club in schools over the coming school year. 

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