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Industry NewsInside Larry Ellison's futuristic indoor farming company

Inside Larry Ellison’s futuristic indoor farming company


Sensei Ag is an agriculture-tech firm bent on changing the way food is grown worldwide, according to Business Insider. The company’s mission is to feed the world by making produce more nutrient-rich and accessible and lowering the barrier to entry for vertical or greenhouse farming. The Tesla solar-powered Hawaii greenhouses are the first step toward an ambitious goal of feeding the world.

And while the company is young, it has the backing of [Larry] Ellison, the tech titan whose net worth hovers around $95 billion and whose aggressive bet on the future of database management turned Oracle into a $200 billion behemoth.

Ellison’s latest venture seems to have an equally ambitious outlook on the future.

“In the next three to five years, our goal is to feed the top three quintiles of the world with our products and employ the bottom two,” Sensei Ag CEO Sonia Lo told Insider. “And then in the next eight-to-10 years, it is to feed everybody.”


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