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Industry NewsINSIGHTS: Will Amazon Go, come to Canada?

INSIGHTS: Will Amazon Go, come to Canada?


With the launch on Monday of Amazon’s grocery story of the future, the cashierless Amazon Go in Seattle, and with Toronto in the running for Amazon’s new headquarters, could an Amazon Go be in our future?

According to news reports, Amazon won’t disclose if or when it may add more Go locations and reiterated in several news stories it has no plans to add the technology to the larger Whole Foods stores.

Amazon Go At-a-Glance:

  • No checkout lines: you walk in, pick what you want, and just walk out. Cameras and sensors make sure you get the bill.
  • Consumers load the proprietary app (it’s actually called “Just Walk Out”) on a smartphone and use it to scan a QR code to enter the store.
  • Huge time savings at busy times of day.
  • If you change your mind and put something back, the system tracks that too, and removes the item from your order.
  • Honour system: If a buyer is unhappy with an item they don’t have to return it to the store; they hit a “refund” button and the item is removed from the bill.
  • Retailers and consumers alike can potentially get a huge amount of data about buying patterns, budgets and preferences.
  • Reduced labour overhead for retailers with the elimination of checkout.

“We’ve been hearing about the ‘future of retail’ for years, but it’s now here. The future has arrived and the shift is going to be focused around convenience, simplicity and enjoyability. These factors build brand loyalty to keep customers coming back again and again. The future is about using technology to craft remarkable brand experiences. Amazon Go’s use of mobile technology to respond to the demands of consumers will set the tone for other retailers to follow.” – Casey Gannon, VP of Marketing, Shopgate.

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