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Industry NewsJamieson Wellness report highlights sustainability progress

Jamieson Wellness report highlights sustainability progress

As an an active participant of the United Nations Global Compact, considered the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative since 2021, Jamieson Wellness says in a new report its doing its part to improve the planet.

“In 2023, sustainability became more tightly integrated into our culture
and business operation,” says Mike Pilato, president and CEO of Jamieson Wellness. “We made investments in new programs, policies, and partnerships to advance sustainability and wellbeing across our products, for the people we serve, and for the planet. Work on these projects has been underway for years, and I am confident
we have established a strong foundation we can build on in the future.”

The report covers initiatives that support the planet and diversity. By way of examples, Jamieson says it has become one of the first major brands in Canada to remove cartons across its multivitamin portfolio, eliminating more than 950,000 cartons, which it says is the equivalent of 373,000 lbs of CO2. The company has also created 6 aces of prairie/pollinator habitat, 12.3 acres of forest and restored 6,480 square feet of the Pacific ocean via its initiatives.

In the area of diversity, it has surpassed its target of having 50 per cent of women with a total of 54 per cent, and its board of directors consists of 50 per cent of women and 25 per cent representing racialized people. It has also partnered with Black Talent Initiative to increase career development opportunities and career access for Black professionals.

To read the full report visit Jamieson Wellness online.

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