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Industry NewsLactalis Canada gives back using blockchain currency

Lactalis Canada gives back using blockchain currency


Lactalis Canada has joined Canadian fintech company WhatRocks as a founding member and first Canadian partner to offer Canadian consumers digital currency to support their favourite charities. WhatRocks is a mobile wallet for good that brands credit with fixed-value blockchain tokens whenever online users view or click on their WhatRocks-labeled ads across the web for them to donate to the charities of their choice. In turn, beneficiary charities can then cash out in actual dollars by reselling their Rocks to the participating brands that will reuse them to reward users exposed to their next WhatRocks-labeled advertising campaigns.

“As we continue to play a vital role in feeding the nation, WhatRocks provides us with an innovative opportunity to further empower consumers and take a lead in driving charitable giving which has seen a sharp decline since the onset of COVID-19,” said Mark Taylor, president and CEO, Lactalis Canada.

“Lactalis has a long history of supporting charities. This was an amazing new concept, so innovative! To engage not only ourselves as a corporation, but even more so, the people who watch our advertising. This is a circular giving economy,” says Vincent Metz who is the the general manager for the fluid division at Lactalis Canada and one of the managers of this fintech-marketing collaboration.

Metz explains that the initiative will be carried out entirely across the digital landscape. Using WhatRocks tags on digital ads of Lactalis brands, people who engage with the ads will be able to designate a charity of their choice through blockchain currency.

“We are very confident and proud to be the first Canadian company to join this effort from WhatRocks and be a founding member,” says Metz. He highlights the importance of engaging more, especially younger, generations to participate in charitable giving by engaging digitally. Metz says this is a winner for the company, for brands, and ultimately for the charities and the people they benefit.


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