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Industry NewsLavazza Coffee’s Canadian training centre key to educating retail partners

Lavazza Coffee’s Canadian training centre key to educating retail partners

use_this_andrea_in_front_of_training_center_equipment-2468252Andrea Chiaramello, VP Sales Canada and training centre equipment.

Lavazza Coffee opened its first-ever Canadian-based training facility in Toronto one month ago. Lavazza has employed its training centres around the world for more than 25 years to educate its partners and promote coffee culture.

Lavazza Coffee’s inaugural Canadian training centre joined the brand’s global network of “coffee universities.” Led by specialty coffee certified trainer, Raichel Neufeld, Lavazza’s training centre serves to educate baristas, restaurant staff, sales reps, distributors, newly hired staff, media and opinion leaders on the proper use of Lavazza products as well as everything they need to know about coffee, acting as a guide and benchmark for professionals in the catering industry by delivering ideal solutions, lessons, refresher courses, training paths and more for those who have chosen to turn their passion for coffee into a job.

Additionally, this space will be used for formal coffee tasting and equipment showroom to onboard new Lavazza customers.

The Toronto training centre will “create the opportunity for closer interaction with our current and future partners,” said Andrea Chiaramello, VP Sales Canada. “The service facility will be an open door, inviting the community into the Lavazza world and aiming to share over 125 years of Lavazza coffee experience and knowledge.”  






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