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Industry NewsLine of fava-based food products one of Protein Industries Canada-supported innovations

Line of fava-based food products one of Protein Industries Canada-supported innovations


Trailblazing women, whose companies operate at different points of the food supply chain, are partnering to offer new, innovative plant-based food products through a project co-invested in by Protein Industries Canada.

Prairie Fava, led by co-founder and CEO Hailey Jefferies, is joining forces with Big Mountain Foods, led by founder and CEO Kimberly Chamberland, an award-winning innovator of plant-based consumer packaged goods (CPG) foods, to create a new line of fava-based food products, such as non-allergen tofu.

This partnership builds on two earlier Protein Industries Canada projects in which each company worked with other consortiums to build out capacity around the creation and application of new ingredients and food products. The success of those innovations led to this partnership.

“At Protein Industries Canada we bring together trailblazing companies to create new opportunities for innovation,” CEO of Protein Industries Canada Bill Greuel said. “Through the work of companies like Prairie Fava and Big Mountain Foods, we are building capacity and creating a globally competitive ecosystem that will support Canada’s economic growth and prosperity.”

Currently, most plant-based foods are made using soy, wheat and yellow or green peas, however as the market grows, there is an ever-growing demand by consumers for more and different products plant-based food products. This project will incorporate low vicine and co-vicine (LVLCV) fava varieties into Big Mountain Foods’ line of CPG and food service products. These products will meet the request of several leading Canadian food manufacturers and food service providers. Potential products include a non-allergen tofu and other fava-based food products.

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