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Industry NewsManitoba farm workers get $1.9 government support

Manitoba farm workers get $1.9 government support



The Federal government is investing $1.9 million to protect Manitoba farmers during the pandemic.

Manitoba farmers can apply for financial support under the Emergency On-Farm Support Fund set up to help farmers protect the health and safety of farm workers in the province during the COVID-19 pandemic. The $1.9 million is based on an estimate of up to 259 farms applying.

Eligible activities include direct infrastructure improvements to living quarters and work stations, temporary or emergency housing (on or off-farm), as well as personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitary stations, work stations and any other health and safety measures that safeguard the health and safety of Canadian and temporary foreign workers from COVID-19.

Contributions under the program will be cost-shared 50:50 with the applicants up to $100,000. An additional 10 per cent will be provided to women, youth, visible minorities, Indigenous peoples, and persons with disabilities, amounting to a 60:40 split as the Government of Canada promotes and empowers underrepresented groups in the agricultural sector.

Nationally the government has invested $35 million via the Emergency On-Farm Support Fund to improve health and safety on farms.

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