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Message from SPAR Canada


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A message from David Rieger, vice president of business development for SPAR Canada – Retail Merchandising

Unprecedented times….

We have all said these two words more in the last few weeks than ever before.

Retail has never been more challenged than it is right now.

As a supplier to the trade, we at SPAR Canada Retail Merchandising are in a unique position. We want to make both retailers and brands aware that we are here for them. We have people still working – plenty of them. They are choosing to work, and need to work.

How do we let you know that without making it appear we are trying to take advantage of a situation?

Simply put – we are not.

Grocery stores and mass merchants are still open – and will continue to be open for the duration of this challenging period. Shelves desperately need to be replenished. Our field reps are choosing to work – we are here to support them in every way possible. We are following all guidance available to keep them and all of our employees safe.

If you need help keeping your store shelves full, or you are a brand that needs help in-store – we will help in any way we can.

Contact David Reiger.

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