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Industry NewsMolson Coors announces partnership with local hop farmers in Fraser Valley

Molson Coors announces partnership with local hop farmers in Fraser Valley


Molson Coors Beverage Company is proud to announce an official partnership agreement with local hop farmers throughout the Fraser Valley. These locally grown hops are key ingredients to brew some of Molson Coors’s most iconic beers across the country, including Molson Canadian.

On October 8, Molson Coors Fraser Valley brewery hosted a tour and tasting at Sartori Hop Ranch, a local partner of the brewery, to showcase hops grown in the heart of the Fraser Valley. Kelli Paddon (MLA Chilliwack-Kent), Dan Coulter (MLA Chilliwack), Brenda Bailey (MLA Vancouver-False Creek) and Ken Popove (Mayor of Chilliwack) were present for the celebration. A special beer, Molson Origins, was brewed for the occasion using fine hops from British Columbia. 

British Columbia’s hops have been part of the brewing industry for over 125 years, including the Molson Coors Fraser Valley Brewery located in Chilliwack. The unique climate in British Columbia, known for its humidity, soil and latitude, have all been contributing factors to strong-growing conditions.

Molson has historically been brewing in British Columbia for over 60 years. As the brewing industry has grown and expanded over the past decade, there has been a surge of local B.C. hops farms to support the growing demand. Since its official opening in 2019, Molson’s Fraser Valley Brewery has sourced local ingredients from several area farms.

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