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Industry NewsMore Canadians look to buy Canadian food: Survey

More Canadians look to buy Canadian food: Survey


More Canadians are seeking our Canadian-produced food, according to a survey by Farm Credit Canada.

Six out of ten Canadians say they are more likely to purchase Canadian made or grown food.

“We had surveyed 2000 Canadians across the country, reflective of how the country is divided, and the reason we did it is in advance of Canada’s Agriculture Day, this one day a year where we celebrate Canadian food, we just wanted to know what consumers were thinking,” says Marty Seymour, director of industry relations of Farm Credit.

The survey also showed that 50 per cent are likely to think about how their food is grown.

The survey was conducted between January 8 and 12, 2021. 58 per cent of Canadians say that they are more likely to buy Canadian made or grown food when asked if their behaviour has changed since the start of the pandemic.

Eight in ten Canadians believe that Canada’s food system and agriculture responded well to the pandemic, survey shows.

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