Acosta Survey

While pandemic concerns are on the decline, consumers plan to continue many of their pandemic shopping and eating habits, according to a new report by Acosta.

Grocery shopping during the pandemic provides insights on consumer behaviour. 65 per cent of shoppers reported cooking more at home, 53 per cent reported spending less time in stores, and 50 per cent reported stocking up on food and cleaning supplies.

Post-pandemic, 21 per cent of shoppers said they will go back to their pre-pandemic habits, while 75 per cent said they will continue with at least some of their new habits.

"With vaccines rolling out, our latest shopper research shows COVID-19 concern levels may finally be waning, with current concern at 7.5 out of 10 -- the lowest level reported since early March 2020. Even still, consumers realize there is a long road ahead. 35 per cent of shoppers think 'normal' is more than a year away," says Colin Stewart, executive VP of business intelligence at Acosta

Post pandemic, top priorities for shoppers will be product availability, low prices and customer safety.

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