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Affinor Growers, a sustainable vertical farming company, has hired a Fraser Valley, B.C. nursery for commercial propagation of its first strawberry seedlings. Delivery of the Fragaria Ananassa “Delizzimo” strawberry seeds from the Netherlands (purchased under standard retail licensing) is scheduled for mid-end September, 2021. Affinor expects seed propagation to begin immediately upon receipt of the seeds, followed by its first commercial strawberry harvest in late November.

Affinor’s 15,000 square foot leased greenhouse in Abbotsford B.C. will begin producing vine-ripened, soil-grown strawberries ready for store shelves. The company is using external propagation experts for expedited planting and industry-leading QA processes. Affinor takes over when the seedlings are ready to be transplanted into pots for fruiting. This anticipated revenue milestone represents the launch of the “Affinor Growers” brand and vertical farming technology.


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