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Agropur Cooperative is streamlining its bulk milk hauling operations by selling its milk hauling operations in Quebec and discontinuing its milk transport activities in Nova Scotia.

"To streamline its business model and focus on its most strategic assets, Agropur is withdrawing from milk hauling in those two provinces," says Agropur chief executive officer Émile Cordeau.

Up to 11 positions will be eliminated when the transactions are closed in Quebec. The other 75 employees and bulk milk transport assets will be transferred to the acquirers.

In Nova Scotia, farm pick-up operations will stop as of June 30, 2021 and will be eliminating 34 jobs.

Agropur is continuing its milk transport operations in New Brunswick.

"I would like to thank all employees in this sector affected by this decision. They have been and will be until the conclusion of the transactions, important standard-bearers of the Cooperative on the roads and with dairy farmers in these two provinces," adds Cordeau.

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