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Aisle 24, a cashierless grocery store concept similar to Amazon GO, is planning a cross-country expansion in Canada.

The fully automated store is open 24/7. The chain launched its first store in 2016 in Ontario and has plans to open more stories in Toronto as well as in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick over the next two years.

The automated cashierless store is similar to the Amazon GO cashierless stores operating in the U.S.: shopping in-store works by using an app that first needs to be downloaded. Users then create an account in the app to unlock the door to the store. Security systems in place are intended to discourage theft and track inventory.

Digital tags on each product show prices and customers pay for items as they would at any self-serve station similar to the growing cashierless concepts at grocery stores across the country. 

Stock is similar to an average convenience store with some fresh and prepared foods, snack food, health products, baked goods, deli items, produce, frozen foods, household items and beverages.

Aisle 24 was founded by John Douang, his wife Marie Yong and his brother Josh.

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