Whole Leaf expands to meet demand

Whole Leaf has announced that it is doubling in size and production, with Phase Two of operations slated to launch March 15, 2019. The expansion will make Whole Leaf the largest lettuce greenhouse operation in North America, the company says.

The expansion comes in response to demand from restaurants, retailers and food service chains in Canada and the US. Whole Leaf’s owner, The Star Group, is investing a total of $60 million in the expansion, half of that for the current Phase Two.

Whole Leaf’s greenhouse facility covers 11 acres and produces up to 24 million heads of Inspired Greens, the company’s brand, each year. Inspired Greens are grown with triple-filtrated water and are untouched by human hands from seed through harvest. Whole Leaf says the production process addresses concerns over the safety of field romaine lettuce.

The greenhouse facility is located in Coaldale, Alberta and opened in 2017.

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