Venturepark Arlene Dickinson Launches Canada s Most Extensive Bu

Arlene Dickinson, well known Canadian investor, is launching a business growth ecosystem focused on consumer-packaged goods (CPG) called Venturepark.

Venturepark will include Dickinson’s network of CPG brands and offer capital, marketing, programming, media amplification and more to its companies. It includes Venture Play, Venturepark Labs, Venturepark Voice, District Ventures Capital and District Ventures Plus.

This launch comes after previous acquisitions and company shifts, and multiple investments.

"We believe that food and beverage, health and wellness and agriculture entrepreneurship will become key economic drivers for our nation moving forward. This is why we have strategically shifted our current business units, acquired others and are developing new ones, to embrace and respond directly to this trend," says Arlene Dickinson, chief executive officer of Venturepark. "It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a focus on health and self – as well as a desire and demand for homegrown industry and products. At Venturepark, we provide a support system in which CPG businesses of all sizes can not only successfully navigate this new business terrain but be better equipped with the resources to thrive in it."

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