Fresh Street Market and IGA Stores of BC have launched an enterprise-wide food recovery program at their stores across British Columbia to divert 100 per cent of its edible but unsaleable perishable food away from landfills.

In partnership with FoodMesh, Fresh St. Market and IGA Stores of BC will donate edible food they can no longer sell to local charities, who in turn, share the food amongst several other charitable organizations—199 in total across B.C. These charities use the food donations they receive for their food security programming, to help feed those in our communities who need it most. Donations come from all store departments and include fresh produce, dairy, meat and seafood, bakery and deli products.

Since the partnership with FoodMesh began over a year ago in April 2020, Fresh St. Market and IGA Stores of BC have diverted 563.004 kg of food from landfills and saved an additional 1,069,708 kg of C02 from entering the atmosphere.


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