PlantX Life Inc PlantX Announces Approval of Import License for

PlantX Life has announced that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has approved its license to import packaged plant-based products from the United States to Canada.

This makes PlantX Life a one-stop-shop for plant-based alternatives and allows it to distribute into the Canadian market.

“We are extremely pleased to be at the forefront of bringing US-manufactured plant-based goods to Canada," says Julia Frank, chief executive officer of PlantX Life. "The new license marks a crucial step in our expansion as leaders in the plant-based space, by ensuring that we can be first to market in Canada with plant-based brands originating in the USA."

To obtain the license it had to meet food safety standards for Canadians. PlantX Life plans to distribute vegan dairy substitutes, snacks, infant foods, nuts, grains and more.

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