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London Drugs, in combination with Medimap, has launched an at-home telemedicine service, which gives London Drugs B.C. customers access to a doctor from home.

The Telemedicine service is a safe way for patients to speak with a doctor when they don’t need to go in-person. Prescription’s would be available at London Drugs for pick up.

“Connecting with healthcare professionals via video call has gone from a necessary safety measure to the new normal,” says Chris Chiew, general manager of pharmacy of London Drugs. “Due to COVID-19, more British Columbians experienced virtual-care visits than ever before and most have a favorable impression of the care and convenience. This will have far-reaching impacts on patient preferences and the delivery of healthcare beyond the pandemic.”

According to a survey done by Insights West on behalf of London Drugs, 65 per cent of British Columbians say they are more likely to choose virtual care than in-person care for simple advice.

Seven in ten say this is due to COVID-19, as virtual appointments can be effective. Six in ten say they have had a virtual doctor’s appointment or will continue to use virtual appointments post-pandemic.

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