Calgary Co op

A compostable shopping bag program at Calgary Co-op has been so successful the retailer plans to eliminate plastic grocery bags altogether at liquor and convenience stores and gas bars.

As of August 19, reports The Calgary Herald, shoppers will either have to bring their own bags or pay 10 cents for a 100 per cent compostable bag. The compostable bag can be re-used in home recycling and composting programs.

Calgary Co-op first introduced the compostable bag program in April. At the same time it initiated a five cent fee for plastic bags. The retailer says it has sold 10,000 compostable bags a day since then – 736,000 in total. The compostable bag program and the fee for plastic bags has reduced the use of plastic bags by about 75 per cent among its shoppers.

Fifty-two per cent of all products sold at Calgary Co-op stores are now bagged in compostable bags.

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