The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) has released a report to address plastic packaging in produce.

“A landscape review of plastics in the Canadian food produce sector” developed by Value Chain Management International Canada details the results of research on Canadian and global plastic use, focusing on the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain’s impact.

Ron Lemaire, president of CPMA, says the report as developed to help the Canadian produce industry navigate plastic packaging issues.

“This research report is a manifestation of CPMA’s efforts and vision for a green economy that identifies concerns around fragmented systems, unnecessary and problematic plastics, the benefits of plastics when used within the appropriate system and the need to reduce food waste and ensure food security in our efforts around sustainable packaging.”

According to the report, problematic plastics identified by governments and NGOs “have little correlation to plastic packaging used by the fresh produce industry.”

And, interestingly, the report states that more than half, 58 per cent, of all fresh produce sold in Canadian retailers is not pre-packaged plastic.

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