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It all started with toilet paper, according to Field Agent’s recent report about pandemic-fuelled product hoarding.

“Back in the spring of 2020 many stores ‘did not have a square to spare’ as Canadians were concerned that they would run out of one of life's necessities stockpiled bath tissue, exacerbating a supply chain issue as we needed less commercial toilet paper used in office buildings and malls and we needed more rolls at home,” offers Jeff Doucette, general manager at Field Agent Canada.

“COVID-19 has brought us many changes in demand and supply chain issues that have resulted in bare shelves for things like toilet paper, baby formula and cold medications,” he continues.

Researchers asked 1,106 Canadians to “come clean” about whether or not they stocked up on in-demand products since the start of the pandemic. Results are displayed in the attached infographic.

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