Clorox Professional Products Canada Clorox Total 360 Systems to

Clorox and Walmart Canada will be joining forces to roll out 640 Clorox Total 360 Systems to disinfect shopping carts at over 400 Canadian stores.

"The Clorox Total 360® System helps provides confidence by using an electrostatic sprayer to apply Clorox disinfectants to ensure that all surfaces, even those that are hard to reach or difficult to clean, are properly treated," says Barley Chironda, sales director and international infection control specialist, Clorox.

The cleaner is a bleach-free disinfectant and Health Canada approved to be used on a variety of surfaces. It covers larger surface area than traditional cleaning methods.

This is the first time the Clorox system will be deployed at this scale and is also being used in hospitals and long-term care facilities in Canada.

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