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Capgemini Research Institute has conducted a study with 11,300 consumers over the age of 18 across 11 countries. In Canada, the study has shown that Canadian consumers have shifted overall spending habits amid the cost of living crisis which has lowered consumer spending power. Canadians are reducing spending and are looking for companies to support them during these challenging times. To meet the shift in consumer spending habits, Capgemini recommends retailers reimagine their operational strategy to address consumer needs and maintain competitiveness. 

Key Canadian Statistics:

Canadians are concerned about managing their finances, and are looking for support

from companies during these challenging times.

  • 68% are concerned about their financial situation
  • 74% expect companies to provide more discounts to help Canadians purchase
  • essential items (e.g., food, medicine, fuel, apparel, utilities)
  • 69% expect companies to accept lower prices for the products their families require
  • (i.e., essential items like food, medicine, fuel, apparel, utilities)
  • 63% expect companies to forfeit excess profits for the benefit of society
  • 56% expect companies to use technology to lower prices (e.g., replacing staffed
  • check-out counters with self-service payment areas to lower overheads)

Amid the cost of living crisis, Canadian consumers are cutting back on non-essential purchases during these tough times.

  • 75% are making fewer impulse purchases
  • 71% are cutting back on non-essential items (e.g., electronics, plants, toys, dining out)
  • 59% are buying products from hypermarkets and discount stores rather than buying
  • them from specialty grocery stores and convenience stores, which are higher priced
  • 62% are spending more time searching online to find deals and discounts
  • 61% are spending more time shopping at different physical stores to find deals and
  • discounts
  • 58% are looking to buy smaller quantities during their store visits

Consumers will be more loyal and buy more from companies that help them get through this difficult time.

  • 85% of Canadian consumers have stated that they will be more loyal to companies
  • that help them through this difficult time
  • 81% of Canadian consumers have shared that they will purchase more
  • products/services in the future from companies that help them through this difficult
  • time

Canadian consumers are prioritizing affordability over sustainability.

  • More than half (57%) of consumers say they value affordability over sustainability
  • Less than half (37%) of all consumers say they are willing to pay more for a
  • sustainable product today
  • Fewer consumers than last year believe sustainable products need not be more
  • expensive - 63% in 2022 and 74% in 2021

Methodology: The Capgemini Research Institute surveyed 11,300 consumers over the age of 18 across 11 countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S. To qualify for inclusion in the survey, consumers must have purchased groceries and/or health and beauty products in the preceding six months. The global survey took place in October and November 2022.

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