Field Agent Halloween survey

The ongoing pandemic continues to impact grocery retail with a Field Agent survey of close to 2,000 Canadians pointing to decreased Halloween treats purchasing intentions for 2020.

Spending on Halloween treats for 2020 is down 14 per cent from 2019, while households planning on giving out treats this year is also down 18 per cent with only 53 per cent of survey participants saying “yes” to treats giving versus 65 per cent in 2019. Indeed, 19 per cent of households say they intend to purchase candy but not give any away.

Despite the decrease, the top treats remain the same this year with chocolate, candy and chips being the most purchased chips: 76 per cent of households plan to purchase chocolate, while 52 per cent will purchase candy and 40 per cent will buy chips.

Big box stores remain the most popular retailers for treat purchases this year with 28 per cent of households planning purchases at Walmart Canada, 17 per cent at Costco and 15 per cent at the Real Canadian Superstore.

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