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DoorDash Canada has partnered with Toronto restaurateur and owner of Chinese-Jamaican fusion restaurant Patois, Craig Wong, to celebrate Lunar New Year. As part of the partnership, DoorDash customers will be able to order Soft Shell Crab Long Life Noodle from January 18 until January 30 to ring in the new year.

Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture—a time of well wishes and new beginnings, often centred around delicious food. From January 18 until January 30, Wong and DoorDash are offering Soft Shell Crab Long Life Noodle, a dish inspired by his Chinese heritage. For this recipe, Craig elevated his all-time favourite meal growing up—noodles.

Soft Shell Crab Long Life Noodle features softshell crab, umami flavours and various vegetables accompanying ramen noodles to create a bright, colourful and harmonious dish. Culturally, the length of noodles symbolizes longevity and a healthy and happy life. "In my family, you eat noodles because they symbolize longevity. You slurp noodles but try not to bite or break them in order to keep them as long as possible," says Wong.

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