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Boem Family Farms is expanding its acreage in Kingsville, Ont. Boem Berry Farms was started by two Dutch strawberry growers Joost Van Oers and Ton Bastiaansen, according to hortidaily. This happened in close cooperation with the Canadian marketing company Mucci international. In 2016, the construction of 5 ha was started as the first phase. In 2019, phase 3 was commissioned, resulting in the completion of the total 15 ha project in 2019.

The next expansion would be built in one go. The first pile was driven into the ground in September 2020 with the new building being planted in August, doubling the Boem Berry Farms acreage by 15 hectares. Propagation takes place in May and June. Planting takes place in July and August. The choice was made to use an everbearer so that Boem Berry Farms can supply the market with strawberries year-round from just one crop.

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