Fairtrade has announced the first non-fungible banana, or NFB, to bring attention to the impacts climate change could have on some of our favourite goods, including bananas, and the farmers and workers who rely on those goods for their livelihoods. As the world’s most popular fruit with an estimated global export of $7 billion dollars per year, the banana is a cornerstone of many countries' economies.  

Dubbed The Last Banana, Fairtrade’s NFB, which differs from a Non-Fungible Token in that it is not commercially accessible and does not rely on energy-intensive processes for production, will be unveiled through a digital showcase on Nov. 10 at COP27.

View the NFB now on digital display here.

During COP27, taking place November 6 through 18, Fairtrade’s delegation will be calling on leaders of governments and the private sector to deliver on climate targets by distributing the $100 billion in climate aid commitment promised by the end of 2022 that is essential to supporting farmers in Asia, Africa and South America—areas hit hardest by the impacts of climate change—build resilience to the rising temperatures and preserve the goods we love for years to come. 

Specifically, Fairtrade and its delegation are calling on leaders at COP27 to:

  • Bring farmers into the conversations on how the $100 billion in climate aid commitment is used
  • Negotiate trade agreements that support human and labor rights
  • Prioritize the highest environmental standards to drastically reduce carbon emissions

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