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The federal government has pledged financial support to the Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellbeing (CCAW). This investment of up to $168,440 aims to help the CCAW spread awareness of and multiply the resources available for the agricultural community.

The stated mission of this new not-for-profit organization is to lead research and roll out initiatives in collaboration with community organizations across the country to address farmers' wellness challenges.

This funding contributed to, among other things, the creation of the inaugural National Symposium on Agricultural Mental Health, a conference organized by CCAW, in concert with The Guardian Network. Bringing together mental health groups, researchers, decision-makers, agricultural associations and farmers, this conference addresses the challenges and opportunities of the mental health movement across the country.

"Farmers have a very demanding job and deal with a lot of stress. Mental health issues are so often taboo in the sector, which is why initiatives like the ones created by the Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellbeing are so essential to open the dialogue and, ultimately, save lives," said Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food.

Quick facts

  • The AgriCompetitiveness Program, under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, supports sector-led activities that identify industry best practices and build the capacity of the sector, advance farm business management, farm safety information and tools, as well as activities which raise agricultural awareness.
  • The CCAW virtually brings together national and global leaders in the agricultural mental health field to conduct cutting-edge research to develop evidence-based community-informed programming and education to address challenges related to well-being among Canadian farmers.

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