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Flow Water has won Canada’s Clean50 award, an annual award from Delta Management Group that recognizes sustainability.

Sustainability has been part of Flow Water through plant-based packaging and carbon neutral operations.

“We now have an advanced, mostly renewable plant-based pack that’s 100% recyclable and BPA free, and contributes to the circular economy. Flow also has a 360° sustainability program across five key pillars to actively address and mitigate our impacts,” says Nicholas Reichenbach, founder and executive chairman of Flow Water.

“To be recognized for those efforts with a Clean50 Award is incredibly gratifying, and evidence we are part of a growing community focused on more mindful consumption.”

The company’s spring campaign is focused on sustainability and wellness.

“As one of millions of young people passionate about creating a better future for our planet, I hope to continue making a difference with this forward-thinking brand that shares the same goals,” says Shawn Mendes, sustainability ambassador for Flow Water.

Flow Water was recently certified as a B-Corporation. “Achieving a BCorp recertification score of 126.5 for Flow’s ESG efforts, 34 points higher than our original score and being very well positioned in our industry, is another incredible testament to Flow’s sustainability value proposition, and further validates our planet-friendly business model,” says Maurizio Patarnello, chief executive officer of Flow Water.

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