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Food inflation has been top of mind for retailers, suppliers and shoppers lately as we see supply constraints, commodity price increases and many other factors looking to push up the cost of food in Canada writes Jeff Doucette of Field Agent.

Between August 24-29th, Field Agent surveyed 1,042 Canadian Shoppers through the Field Agent Insights Platform.

Key findings are as follows:

  • 85% of Canadians have noticed grocery price increases in the last month
  • 78% of Canadians are moderately or extremely concerned about increasing food prices

How will shoppers change their grocery shopping habits?

  • 55% of respondents say they’ll purchase some grocery products less often
  • 45% say they will purchase more store brand products
  • 53% say they will switch to lower-priced brands (not store brands)
  • 52% say they will buy fewer premium brands/items
  • 32% say they will change to another grocery retailer
  • 60% say they will use more coupons
  • 83% say they will stock up items that are on sale

Price increases will have a significant impact on shopper behaviour in the remaining months of 2021 and the impacts will reach well beyond the grocery store, according to Field Agent.

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