Sharan Grewal Syed Aman and Zaheed Khan, Hwy Haul FoundersSharan Grewal, Syed Aman and Zaheed Khan, Hwy Haul Founders

Hwy Haul, a produce supply chain logistics company, has secured $10 million to further its mission.

The company, started by former Walmart executives, has secured AgFunder, True Blue Partners, and several angel investors.

The company aims to cut out the “middle man” in produce, directly connecting farmers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Its goal is to delivery produce efficiently, reduce waste and freight’s carbon footprint, and create sustainable future growth.

“Produce spends half its life in the supply chain, and more than $15 billion is wasted or rejected in transit every year,” says Syed Aman, chief executive officer and co-founder, Hwy Haul. “Existing produce shipping methods are largely manual, with poor visibility and communication within the supply chain. These inefficiencies lead to a further problem of empty miles and their associated carbon emissions.”

Before founding Hwy Haul, Aman was the director of supply chain at Walmart. The company’s CTO is Sharan Grewal, previously holding engineering roles at Walmart Labs. Zahed Khan is COO, with a 30-year career in produce and logistics.

The platform would allow shippers to find instant quotes and book loads quickly, as well as track loads and monitor weather. Carriers can save time from receiving notifications through the app rather than phone calls.

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