Frenchs Ketchup and Walk off the Earth team up for Canada Day

French’s Ketch up has teamed up with Juno award-winning band Walk off the Earth to record a unique rendition of the national anthem supported by musical sounds created from ketchup bottles.

“French's Ketchup is a favourite staple for burgers, hot dogs, and summertime grilling," says Deborah Sharpe, group marketing director with French's. "This year, we may be limited in how we physically get together on Canada Day. So, we hope this playful rendition of our national anthem sparks joy and conversation around everyone's table and offers a unique way to celebrate our Canadian pride."

"We are extremely thankful for all the support we receive here at home," said Gianni Luminati of Walk off the Earth. "We thrive on thinking differently about sound, making music with everyday items found around the house. French's Ketchup was a natural fit – it's a Canadian favorite and it was already in the fridge! We hope this truly Canadian rendition of O Canada gets added to summer playlists to be enjoyed for this holiday and for years to come."

The newly released O Canada rendition can be viewed on Walk off the Earth's YouTube or on French's page a

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