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With quickly escalating concerns about climate change, sustainability, and social justice, previously entrenched consumer loyalties to brands are increasingly being challenged when consumers discover other brands that better align with their renewed awareness and values.

Consumers are increasingly looking to food retailers to take meaningful steps toward solutions in areas such as carbon reduction, recycling, responsible sourcing, and inclusive hiring practices

At RCC STORE 2021, one of the many world-renowned presenters this year is Deloitte.

Their session entitled The Future of Food: A Canadian Perspective will explore the changing and increasingly complex food and grocery landscape in Canada, and how retailers will need to adapt to consumers’ elevated expectations. Deloitte’s prominent experts in retail, sustainability and consumer psychology will explore the role of the store and sustainability, including environmental, social, and corporate governance.

As the pandemic rocked supply chains around the world, the interconnectedness of local and global supply chains and their environmental and social impacts became further magnified.

The panel discussion at RCC STORE, Optimizing for a Resilient and Agile Supply Chain, looks at new ways—both local and international—of adjusting the supply chain. Topics like automation, identifying underlying sustainability concerns, advanced analytics to help guide leadership teams to optimize their supply chain design, and day-to-day operational decisions will be discussed.

Learn more about the future of retail at">RCC STORE, a fully virtual event held September 13-16, 2021.

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