Fyffes BCC Partnership Warehouse 1

Fyffes and Breakfast Club of Canada (BCC) have announced a new partnership that will increase fresh fruit servings to school children in Montreal communities where the need is greatest. The pilot program started during the second half of November 2021, and Fyffes has committed to a weekly donation of 5,000 bananas to the Club, aiming to donate an estimated 75,000 bananas by the end of March 2022. Fyffes is also aiming to expand the ongoing program beyond bananas to potentially supply melons, pineapples, and other nutritious fruits in the future.

An average of 30 schools located in Montreal communities where the need is greatest will benefit from these donations, reaching close to 7,000 children who rely on school breakfast programs and may not have access to fresh fruits at home. Besides bananas being added to school menus as healthy and filling snacks, these fruits can also be used to prepare other nutritious foods such as muffins, smoothies, or breakfast cookies.

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