Gallerias 2020 Share the Love

Galleria’s 16th annual Share the Love campaign, an annual event since 2007 organized with various partners, was held on January 26, 2023. The total amount of $21,845 was also donated to 17 charities and delivered to people in desperation through those organizations.

The event was attended by a number of partners, including Galleria Supermarket CEO Joseph Kim and politicians, and the presidents of each organization.

The campaign was sponsored by 42 companies, the event was attended by key personnel such as Lawrence Kim (publisher & CEO, The Korea Times) and Jason Koo (president & CEO, Pyung Hwa Food Co., Ltd.), as well as Laura Smith (MPP for Thornhill, Ont.), Chris Ainsworth (councillor, ward 4, City of Vaughan, Ont.), Tom Shurrie (president & CEO, The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers), and Harold Kim (councillor, ward 6 Town of Aurora, Ont.)

“Thank you to all those who cooperated to practice sharing with neighbours even in difficult economic conditions. Galleria Supermarket will do its best to become a company that practices love and sharing with the mindset of always being with neighbours in need,” said Joseph Kim, CEO Galleria Supermarket.

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