GLAD Canada GLADforChange Movement Inspires Canadians to Clean

GLAD is inspiring Canadians to help clean their communities with its GLAD for change program.

GLAD is encouraging people to pick up 50 pieces of litter.

“GLAD for Change is an opportunity for Canadians to think of the importance of these spaces and support overworked municipalities by playing an active role in cleaning them up," says Melanie Plaz Casado, vice president of marketing for Clorox Canada (GLAD). "It can be hard to take time out from our day-to-day routines, but we're calling on Canadians to try to collect 50 pieces of litter in their community. It isn't much but will make a big difference.  With GLAD for Change, we're giving Canadians the tools to act and share their contributions."

GLAD has provided 25,000 households with a free clean-up kit and encourages Canadians to track their contributions using the #GLADforChange hashtag to inspire others.

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