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Office coffee and snack provider GoJava has launched a new home grocery delivery service,

Earlier this year, the company rolled out GoJavaGrocery and the new service is a revamped service with a sustainability and community twist: as part of the launch, it has committed to planting one tree and donating one meal for every order that it receives.

The tree planting will make every delivery carbon negative – meaning that customers will be helping fight climate change with every order they place. And the meal donations will help feed those most in need, helping local communities.

“We got into the home grocery delivery business out of necessity when COVID-19 hit,” explains Eugene Ace, co-founder and CEO of GoJava. “We were trying to support our community, which was looking for safe and quick grocery delivery, and also trying to keep our business afloat. But now that we have been operating the grocery business for some time, we realize that we are actually really good at it, and that we and our customers love it. And with this new direction, of planting a tree and donating a meal with every order, as well as supporting local businesses, we are energized and feel like we have a continued sense of purpose."

the will continue to expand its local offerings of prepared meals, meats, produce, baked goods, snacks, beverages, and other grocery essentials. And will continue to offer guaranteed next business day delivery in the GTA.

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