Image: Anna Shvets from Pexels Image: Anna Shvets from Pexels

Toronto’s city council has voted to make masks mandatory in indoor public spaces and is one of a growing body of regional and provincial jurisdictions considering the same action.

Health officials across Canada have been recommending wearing masks in public places, particularly where social distancing is not possible, but have not made them mandatory.

Toronto’s new bylaw comes after a call by mayors of Ontario cities such as Toronto and Hamilton for a mandatory mask policy across the province was rejected by the provincial government.

Premier Doug Ford and his government said that the move isn’t necessary and Ford has stated previously that the province couldn’t enforce an order to make masks mandatory.

Other regions, including Peel, Windsor-Essex and Kingston have also implemented mandatory mask policies.

In Quebec, the provincial government has made wearing a mask on public transit mandatory but has stopped short of extending the action to other indoor public spaces such as retail stores.

Canadians are in favour of making masks mandatory according to a poll by Leger, which found that 58 per cent agree that they should be mandatory in confined public places such as grocery stores and on transit.

Toronto’s mandatory mask regulation goes into effect July 7.

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