McEwan Fine Foods has partnered with Greenvine Sustainable, a consulting firm for sustainable business, for an initiative to reduce single-use plastics at its locations.

McEwan Fine Foods has other sustainable practices, such as using LED lights, carrying local products, using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and more.

“We recognize the impact that retail and catering operations can have on the environment and will continue to adopt business strategies and activities that meet our food service needs and sustainability goals,” says Eric McEwan, COO of McEwan Group.

“We need to ensure our food is packaged safely for our customers while being as sustainable as possible. It’s a unique challenge that we know Greenvine Sustainable will help us meet,” adds McEwan.

Greenvine Sustainable will help reduce in-store waste of all the McEwan Group’s retail locations.

“As a leader in the hospitality industry, it is a privilege to support the McEwan Group as the company works to reach its sustainability goals across its broad portfolio of food service establishments,” says Andrea Teslia, owner of Greenvine Sustainable.

This effort comes ahead of the federal government’s single-use plastic ban, effective at the beginning of 2022.

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