Hellmann's Study

A study done by Hellmann’s and BEworks found that Canadian households can reduce food waste significantly by using ingredients already in their home once a week.

By having one day as a “use-up-day”, Canadians can think differently about the food they have and become more resourceful.

Over 1000 Canadian families were featured in the study. Participants reported reduced food waste at an average of 33 per cent.

If all households with children in Canada used this study’s approach, an estimated 250 million kilograms per year of food waste would be saved.

"This study took participants on a journey from a mindset of 'what do I want to cook and what ingredients do I need' and supported them to reframe that as 'what food do I already have and what can I make with it', says Christina Bauer-Plank, global brand vice president of Hellmann's.

Eight weeks after the study, eight in ten participants continued the approach of the “use-up-day” and seven in ten felt more inspired to use ingredients they already had.

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