I-D Foods recognizes some of its own “I-D heroes” from coast to coast in celebration of Grocery Heroes Day on July 19.

“Marty Piovesan, Warehouse Supervisor: For his unmatched dedication to I-D Foods; Marty never stops; he does it all and always gives his 100%!”

“Paul Pressé, Freight Operations Supervisor : For his dedication to distribution, for his strong leadership; his 40+ years of experience he shares with the team make him an incredible asset.”

“Sylvie Bergeron, Executive Assistant: Sylvie is already known for being a steadfast and reliable part of I-D Foods. Throughout the pandemic she was a true pillar at the 1800 office, holding down the fort and ensuring everyone’s safety was always maintained!”

“Joane Sullivan, sales representative, Montreal: Throughout the year, Joane worked in one of the neighbourhoods most affected by the pandemic, securing significantly growing weekly orders. She is passionate about her job, devoted to her customers and ensures unparalleled communications with the team at I-D Foods.”

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