Sobeys Quebec FinTravaux Dec2021

IGA extra Les Saules in Quebec City has finished renovating its supermarket. Eight months of major work and an investment of over $6 million have enabled IGA extra Les Saules managers to replace various equipment and improve the store’s interior layout.

“I am proud to offer our customers a greater range of products and in-store services at our newly renovated store. We would like to thank our customers and employees for their patience throughout the renovations,” says Steve Couture, store manager.

The new store features an enhanced Rachelle Béry Espace santé section where customers now have a greater variety of homeopathy, aromatherapy and herbal products. A new organic bulk soap station is also available.

Other new features include fresh sushi prepared on-site, new owner Patrick Martineau, a Quebec craft beer section, and a meat-aging chamber. The parking lot is now equipped with 10 electric charging stations—eight soon to be in operation for Tesla vehicles. Customers can access home delivery, in-store pick-up and a catering service. Four self-checkouts have also been added to enhance customer experience.

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