October 21 CAC Webinar 4 panelists

Interested in a lunch and learn that will open your mind to new innovations and discoveries that could change the future of the coffee industry? Join Coffee Association of Canada President Robert Carter on Thursday, October 21st from noon-1pm (EST) for this free webinar with innovators and scientists from around the globe:

  • Jay Ruskey Frinj Coffee, Inc. is growing coffee in California;
  • Heiko Rischer VTThas produced coffee cells in a bioreactor through cellular agriculture;
  • Kim Elena Ionescu Specialty Coffee Association whose white paper defines what specialty coffee actually is; and
  • Aaron Davis Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew who rediscovered a coffee species not seen in the wild in decades.

To register: https://coffeeassoc.com/events/industry-changing-innovation/

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