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Kruger Products’ new marketing campaign highlights Canada’s multiculturalism featuring Canadian multicultural music stars.

The “Unapologetically Human” Masterbrand creative is produced in three languages in collaboration with film director Bobby Singh Brown and musicians Qurram ‘Q’ Hussain, Hindu/Urdu; Moulann, Mandarin; and Mr Will Wong, Cantonese. It features original music and lyrics with culturally relevant visuals for Canada’s South Asian and Chinese communities.

“We strongly believe in the power of multicultural marketing, and the importance of reimagining our communications to establish relevancy, cultural meaning, and authentic storytelling,” says Susan Irving. “We wanted Unapologetically Human’s multicultural adaptation to be equally, if not more compelling for its target audiences. That’s why we chose not to cut a single corner, and reimagined three new spots with original music and singers in three languages, and a complete re-edit of our footage under the direction of our talented production team at Ethnicity Matters,” she says. 

“Inclusive marketing is table stakes in Canada these days,” says Bobby Sahni, partner and co-founder, Ethnicity Matters, which has partnered with Kruger Products on multicultural marketing for more than five years. “Our guiding principle is to be ‘in-culture’, not just ‘in-language’, because multicultural content must be compelling and true to lived experiences to resonate emotionally with its intended audience. This takes careful strategic planning, deep understanding, and the patience to identify and engage the perfect creators,” he says. 

Kruger Products broke its first-ever Unapologetically Human Masterbrand campaign under the direction of its new chief marketing officer, Susan Irving, in Fall 2020. The creative is a strong departure from the category’s typically clean, white, mess-free imagery. The English language spot, directed by award-winning Canadian storyteller Mark Zibert for Broken Heart Love Affair, is set to the track, ‘Human’, by British recording artist Rag ‘n Bone Man, and features real Canadians dealing with real messes: crying, bleeding, spilling, eating, using the toilet, and all. It became a hit with consumers from coast-to-coast, and a natural next step was to extend the narrative to Canada’s large South Asian and Chinese communities. 

Watch Unapologetically Human.

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