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A Real Canadian Superstore in Lethbridge, Alta., in partnership with the University of Alberta, is the first of its kind to open a pharmacist-led walk-in health clinic.

The primary healthcare clinic will offer a range of healthcare services including assessment and treatment of common ailments and injuries. Pharmacists in the province can assess patients and prescribe medications for minor illnesses and injuries, administer vaccines and other medications by injection, support chronic disease management and order and receive lab results.

Loblaw says that providing these services in a pharmacist clinic setting will mean a reduction in urgent care and emergency room visits and ultimately can lead to better health outcomes for patients.

"Pharmacists in Alberta are uniquely positioned to relieve some of the burden on the province's healthcare system and this innovative clinic will make access to care easier for residents in Lethbridge," says Jeff Leger, head of pharmacy at Loblaw Companies Limited, and president, Shoppers Drug Mart. "We applaud the Government of Alberta for their support of pharmacy and for the work they continue to do, making healthcare more accessible to Albertans through pharmacy."

To support research and teaching at the clinic, Loblaw has provided a $500,000 grant to the University of Alberta. The grant will enable research and evaluation of innovative models of care implemented at the pharmacist walk-in clinic and provide training opportunities for pharmacy students to complete clinical placements in a unique, community-based clinic environment. Loblaw says there will also be opportunities for collaborative care with other healthcare providers to foster a complete approach to patient care.


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