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It’s been about two years since Virginia Muswagon and Ian Maxwell started growing fresh produce for Norway House Cree Nation using a hydroponic container garden, reports Greenhouse Canada.

Together they are co-managers of Life Water Gardens (Pimâtisiwin Nipî Kistikânihk) and they seed, harvest, and deliver fresh produce to their local community weekly.

Norway House Cree Nation is one of the largest Indigenous communities in Manitoba, Canada, with a growing population of 7,500 community members. 

Ottawa is the home base of The Growcer, the company that built the hydroponic container garden and is there to help Maxwell and Muswagon grow their project.

Since 2016, the company has grown to partner with more than 25 communities across Canada to grow hyper-local produce year-round through its hydroponic modular farms. What started as a solution for food insecure, remote places expanded as an impactful idea for communities who see the value in growing locally. 

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